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These are only a few of the many machines we have designed & built over the past few years. They represent a small portion of the solutions we have devised to address safety & production issues in manufacturing.
 PVC tube cutting machine
Rotary head PVC tube cutting machine.
Safer, 4-times faster and quieter than the chop saw the costumer was using.
Linear actuators inside cutting machine
Linear actuators inside the rotary cutting head of machine at left.
Rotary cutting head
A view of the rotary cutting head with stop / actuator mechanism.
Stop/actuator mechanism
Close-up of the stop / actuator mechanism.

Mandrel bending machine
Mandrel bending machine for winding coils of copper tubing. Provides absolute pitch & diameter control.
Overhead view Mandrel machine
Overhead view of Mandrel bending machine at left.

CNC form router
CNC form router.
This machine replaced a dangerous & dirty hand router setup.
Close-up CNC router
Close-up of CNC form router at left.

Rapid decompression test chamber
Rapid decompression test chamber with ¾” ballistic plastic walls.
Allows for destructive testing on-site, up to 16,000 psi.
Test chamber hydraulic system
Close-up of high & low power hydraulic system for test chamber at left.

Cutting helical steel mandrel
Cutting a 4 axis helical steel mandrel for coiling ¾” Titanium heat exchanger coils.
5-station hydraulic benders
5-station hydraulic benders for making secondary bends.
Replaced hand benders, speeded production by six-times & reduced scrap dramatically.