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Here is a sample of some of the hundreds of tools we have designed & built. They represent a portion of the solutions we have devised to address safety & production issues in manufacturing.

3-unit lifting fixture
3-unit lifting fixture.
Eliminated the possibility of back injuries. Items were manually lifted & placed on a pallet one at a time before implementation of this tool.
copper tubing tools
Fixture for making precise bends in copper tubing.
copper tube tool
Fixture for positioning copper tube for Flow drilling.
One fixture is used to locate 2 different holes.
 Insertion guides
Set of phosphor bronze plate insertion guides.
Speeded assembly process by five times!
Precision 2 stage bending brake
Precision 2 stage bending brake.
This had been done with pliers resulting in lots of scrap of a very expensive component.
torque wrench head & sockets
Custom torque wrench head and sockets.
Eliminated a big warranty problem.
Custom ground repair tools
Custom ground repair tools.
Allowed repair of a component in the completed product without dismantling the unit. Turned a 3 hour repair into a 15 minute job.
Fabricated wire feed rack
Fabricated wire feed rack.
Coils were loaded on a single station feeder for every wire change. Warehouse personnel were constantly replacing the coils. Now every wire size & color is instantly available.
Table saw fixture & gaurd
Fixture & guard for cutting large diameter tube on a table saw.
Extremely safe & cost effective.
Brazing fixture
Brazing fixture with integrated component cooling.
Provides perfect tube alignment with no burned up valves.
Pneumatic T-nut insertion tool
Pneumatic T-nut insertion tool.
Perfect insertion eliminating pinched, bloody fingers.
Fabricated overhead bridge crane
Fabricated overhead bridge crane.
Pitch stabilizer
Pitch stabilizer for a machine that rolls 5/8” Titanium heat exchanger coils.
This modification turned an unusable machine into a production work-horse!
Test connection
Simple but effective test connection.
Speeded up process by 3-times!
Pneumatic bench punch
Pneumatic bench punch
Punches 2 simultaneous holes in a hinge bracket. Previously done by hand punch. Speeded up process by 8-times.
30-station pneumatic glue press
30-station pneumatic glue press.
Immediately increased production by 3-times & eliminated a serious production bottleneck.
Custom storage & feed racks
Ceiling mounted custom storage & feed racks with open floor space underneath.
Pneumatic punch
Pneumatic punch for locating & piercing holes in 4 different diameter copper tubes.
These were being done with a hand operated plier-like tool. Speeded production by 4-times & eliminated sore-hands.
Custom lifting tool
Custom lifting tool.
These were being manually wrestled into place.